Unlike other vehicles, the caravan is not protected from theft. Of course, you can lock the door of your caravan so that one does not get into it, but nothing prevents a thief from hitching it and leaving with it. During wintering, the best solution is to park the caravan in a safe place. Because no place is 100% safe, an anti-theft supplement will always be welcome. The price and number of anti-thefts will have to be adjusted to the risk.

During the holidays, there are many situations where your caravan is vulnerable: when you load it in front of your home, during a stop on a campsite, on a car park, etc. So you have to think about solutions to protect your caravan, but also to deter thieves.

Anti-theft depending on the situation

Depending on where and when you need it, there are different types of anti-theft. The safest is probably the wheel clamp that blocks the nuts. It has two advantages: it is difficult to force and it is visible, and therefore a deterrent. It does, however, have a defect, it is longer to install. We won’t want to use it for one-night stops. Its use will therefore be reserved for extended parking periods: during wintering, for example, or during a stay of several days on a campsite. It has the advantages of its defects: the harder the anti-theft is to mount, the harder it is to force. During wintering, the wheel shoe is recommended. Whether alone or in addition to another anti-theft system. It will prevent the caravan from moving, even by pulling it with ropes. And, if it is visible, it will be a strong deterrent. Be careful not to forget it when you start, it would cause damage to the caravan.

Safety on campsites

For many of you, it seems pointless to secure your caravan on a campsite. In the vast majority of cases, we would tend to agree with you. However, if the campsite does not have a day gate with real controls on who enters or leaves the field, you are not immune to a misadventure. We could list caravan thefts that have occurred in very good campsites, in the middle of busy sites.

On a campsite, you can choose a system to lock the jacks. That will be enough in this situation. This system prevents you from lifting the front of the caravan to hitch it. It will be a deterrent and the risks of forgetting it at the start are low.

The anti-theft position on the hitch head will also be sufficient on the majority of campsites. However, if you stay for several days on a campsite with little traffic and little security, the clamp remains the most recommended solution.

The safety of your caravan on the way

During the journey, the aim is to prevent the caravan from being uncouped from the car. A hitch head lock will therefore do just fine. Once again, these systems are visible and their mere presence is often enough to deter thieves. It’s an easy system to install. The perfect solution if your caravan leaves a closed wintering spot for a safe summer destination. It offers another advantage: there is no risk of forgetting it and causing damage to the vehicle. It can also be used during wintering in addition to another system. Only it would not be enough because it does not prevent the caravan from rolling and some thieves use ropes to move it.

Some of these anti-thefts only prevent the caravan from being hitched to a car, but do not prohibit the dismantling of the hitch head. Others cover the buttons of the hitch head and do not allow it to be disassembled.

The price of anti-theft caravans

Depending on your usage, you will find anti-theft devices at all prices. It will also be necessary to balance the price of the caravan. It is obvious that a small caravan more than 20 years old and a brand new caravan will not be secured in the same way. One of the safety rules is to spend between 10% and 15% of the price of the item to be protected. The price of anti-thefts ranges from about 20€ to 200€. Among the main brands on the market are Al-Ko and Milenco.

More information about Milenco: https://www.milenco.com/

More information about Al-Ko: https://www.alko-tech.com/fr/SystC3A8mes-antivols-pour-caravane


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