Camping in the Hauts-de-France

When we talk about the HAUTS-DE-FRANCE and the NORTH OF FRANCE, prejudices rise to the surface with a great deal of monotonous landscapes and austere red-brick cities. However, you only have to go to the NORTH or the PAS-DE-CALAIS to change your mind. If you imagine the boring landscapes, go for a tour of the Opal coast to admire the CAP BLANC-NEZ and the CAP GRIS-NEZ, spectacular cliffs up facing the English Channel. And so take a detour through the BAIE DE SOMME, paradise of migratory birds. As for the austere cities, LILLE and its old streets, the sumptuous Grand’ Placed’ARRAS or the cathedral ofAMIENS will soon make you forget them. And as far as culture is concerned, the NORTH has nothing to envy anyone with museums dedicated to Flemish painters and especially the LOUVRES in LENS which offers part of the collections of its Parisian counterpart. So many sites that will make your camping stay in the Hauts-de-France exciting.

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