Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a novice, a motorhome doesn’t behave like a Twingo. To make your driving easier, there are 360-degree camera solutions, including the one offered by the ODONA brand.

Not so long ago, the back-up camera was an option for some luxury cars. It has now become common on all vehicles and especially on motorhomes. With technological advances, video is no longer just offering you a view of the back of your campervan. It is now possible to have a 360-degree view of your motorhome.

Drone view of your motorhome

This view, commonly called Bird View or Drone View,gives you a view of all four sides of your campervan but also a simulation of a view from above. How is that possible? Four 180-degree HD cameras are attached to all four sides of the camper. The images produced are assembled by software to produce a 360-degree view and to simulate a view from above. As if the vehicle was being filmed over it by a drone. A very natural vision for the brain because it reproduces the reflexes of the child playing on a mat with his toy cars.

The benefits of Odona 360-degree cameras

The 360-degree view offered by the Odona cameras removes all the blind spots left by the rearview cameras and mirrors. It also helps to manoeuvre your motorhome, whether on the road or to park it. When you park, finally, it allows you to have a look at the outside of the camper, even when the shutters are closed. In addition, a recording system allows you to keep video tracks in case of hanging. At a standstill, you can also check what happened around your campervan in your absence (a time-limited option of a few hours).


Several options are available:
– the color of the cameras (white or carbon)
– screen size: 7″ or 10″
– the rear vision while rolling that reproduces the view of a central rearview mirror
– the position of the screen: to the left of the driver or to the place of a central rearview mirror
– a camera on the roof to control branches, barriers, etc.

Price: The Odona 360-degree camera is developed and distributed in France by CAMPEDIA. The recommended price is 1490 euros excluding installation. On the Campedia website, you will find a list of licensed sellers and installers in France.

Odona is distributed in Nederlands by Mees Outdoor

To learn more about the Odona camera, you can see the presentation made by the brand here.


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