Nestled in the forest a few kilometres from the small town of Tholy, the Great Waterfall of Tendon, with its 32 meters, is the highest waterfall of the Vosges. In the middle of summer, it offers a haven of freshness. In winter, when frost takes hold, it turns into an ice sculpture. A very nice ride from your CAMPSITE IN THE VOSGES.

The Great Tendon Waterfall

It is easy to access the Great Tendon Waterfall from your campsite in the Vosges. On the D11 road that connects the village of Tholy to the village of Tendon, the waterfall is on your left, halfway between the two villages. A visible sign tells you where to turn. A car park awaits you at the end of a narrow road that leads you to the foot of the waterfall. The waterfall is only a few metres from the car park.

It is the Scouet creek that forms the waterfall. In the middle of the forest, it jumps from a height of 31 meters and forms a waterfall. The waterfall makes three successive leaps along a granite cliff. With its 32 meters, it is the highest waterfall in the Vosges. Although it remains very beautiful all year round, it is at spring or fall time that it deserves the most discovery, when the flow of the stream is the most important and the waterfall is the most spectacular.

Tour between the Great and the Little Tendon Waterfall

About 2 km downstream from the Great Tendon Waterfall, the Scouet forms another waterfall, the Little Tendon Waterfall. Much lower (about 5 meters), it is no less spectacular because of its location between two granite walls. The small tendon waterfall is also close to a car park, also accessible from the D11. If you don’t want to walk, you can visit the two waterfalls one after the other. However, if you want to take a walk, it is possible to connect the two waterfalls by a hiking trail that runs along the Scouet. Whether you start with the Great or Little waterfall, the route is perfectly marked and very easy to follow. Count, about 1 hour round trip. The bravest will prefer the loop that connects the two waterfalls. Once you arrive at the small waterfall, you continue on your way towards the Bois de la Crostille. This route is longer and more arduous. Count about 2 hours and 30 minutes with a vertical drop of 200 meters. However, it is a very nice walk, in the undergrowth for the vast majority. It is perfect for the hot days in the Vosges.

If you don’t want to walk, it’s not always necessary to take the car back. At certain times of the year, horse-drawn carriage rides take you from one waterfall to another. Count one hour and 12 euros per adult.

Campsites near the Tendon Waterfalls


Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, a perched village in the Lot


Safety for caravans

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