During our visit to the last Düsseldorf show, we liked the Icelandic Tear Drop from Mink Campers, the Mink 2.0. The winter caravanning being in season, it is the occasion to come back on this mini-caravan coming from the cold and intended for 4 seasons camping.

The Mink 2.0’s first attraction is its looks. With its yellow and grey exterior with elegant curves, its doors rounded like portholes and its alloy wheels, the little Icelandic car looks great. The Mink 2.0 was born in the land of volcanoes, and that’s not its only originality. The caravan is mounted on a galvanised Al-Ko chassis which ensures stability on the road thanks to its very low centre of gravity. The caravan weighs 520 kg and has a maximum permissible weight of 750 kg. It can therefore be towed by most cars. And its height of 1.83 metres means that it can easily pass under the 2 metre mark at the toll booth and therefore benefit from the category 1 tariff. The monocoque interior seems solid and designed to last.

In addition to the two large side windows, the Mink’s roof has a large panoramic window. This gives the Mink a very bright interior and the pleasure of watching the starry sky at night. Like the two side windows, this window can be covered with blinds.

Small but comfortable

The interior of the caravan does not have a living room or a kitchen. Just a double bed. The leatherette headboard allows you to lean back and sit on it. The LED mood lighting extends to both sides of the Mink and there is a power socket in the middle of the rear wall. This is complemented by 4 USB ports for charging your phones and tablets.

The memory foam mattress is large and comfortable (140×200 cm). Above the bed, a 1.40 m x 0.55 m bunk has been designed to accommodate a small child. Let’s face it: it’s hard to imagine a holiday with three people, even with a small child in the Mink. A night out now and then, but not a real holiday. This bunk will probably be more useful as extra storage than as a third berth. It is not superfluous. The Mink is indeed limited when it comes to storage. It will be necessary to keep some of your luggage in the boot of the car, even if the kitchen has a few drawers. The kitchen is hidden in a trunk on the outside of the caravan. The work area has a built-in cooler and a mini gas cooker. Several electrical connections complete the equipment of this kitchen. Although the kitchen is open air, the door to the boot will provide shelter in case of bad weather. Although it does its job well if only a few drops fall, it is not very pleasant to cook in heavy rain.

A 4 season caravan

In addition to its attractive design, which distinguishes it from other mini-caravans on the market, the Mink also stands out for its 4-season character. This cold weather caravan is designed to be used even in winter. The walls of the caravan are 30 mm thick, insulated with 19 mm of Armaflex, a highly heat-insulating material. In combination with a good duvet, the insulating properties of these walls will keep you safe on cool spring or summer nights. However, they are not sufficient for winter camping. The Mink is therefore sold with an optional heater (1490€). Combined with the heater, the Mink’s two-way ventilation system sends 70% of the warm air into the cabin and 30% of the warm air under the bed, preventing condensation and keeping you warm at night. This ventilation allows the air to slide over the caravan when it is in motion, while when it is not in motion the air circulates freely inside. No pollen or dust is brought in thanks to a filtration system. The controls for the heating are integrated in the headboard.

Options aplenty

In addition to the heating, the Mink caravan has a wide range of options, starting with the solar panel (€868). This is installed on the roof of the caravan and should be sufficient for the vehicle’s electricity consumption. However, this option will be of little use if you are camping on holiday. However, if you are camping in the summer, you will probably not be able to do without mosquito nets, which are not available in the standard model (€85). You can also add a platform at the front of the vehicle to store equipment (€406) or add a Bose speaker to your interior (€224).

Features of the Mink mini caravan

GVW: 750 kg
Weight: 520 kg
Overall length: 4116 mm
Cab length:: 2811 mm
Total height:: 1829 mm
Overall width: 2080 mm
Width of cab: 1511 mm
Price without options: 16460 €

Where to buy it

The Mink is distributed in many european countries such as UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. You will find the addresses of the retailers on the brand website.

For winter camping

To test the pleasures of camping in the cold with your Mink 2.0 4-season caravan, We Love Camping suggests some campsites that are open during the winter.


Camping in Bayonne, in the Pays Basque


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