The Van is the big trend in the outdoor leisure market. Many manufacturers offer vans that have already been fitted out. Similarly, many companies allow vans to be built to sleep in. In the midst of this plethora of offers, the Beauer company, which we have already told you about for its folding caravans, arriveson the market with an original product, the X Van that we were able to discover during our visit to the Beauer factory in Cholet.

Van X Beauer

The concept takes the basics of the expandable Beauer caravans thanks to an electric slide-out system. So, thanks to the X Van, your van is a metre longer. This allows to keep in a van a sleeping space for two people (or four people with a sleeping in the liftable roof) as well as a living space with four seats and a kitchen block (for models with four seats, of course). The system works with an electrical jack that works with a power outlet. The system adapts to all types of vans and utility vehicles. Even small volumes such as the Citroen Berlingo or the Renault Kangoo. You don’t have to have a vehicle prepared. It fits easily in standard vehicles. However, it will not be able to be installed in a van already equipped with furniture.

Once deployed, the slide-out offers a 1.90 m long bed. Its width varies with that of the vehicle, but it is possible to deploy the slide-out to increase this width for the upper part of the body, from the head to the hip about.

A multifunctional van

The interests of the formula are multiple:

– the slide-out is removable. So when you’re not traveling, just remove the slide out of the vehicle and find yourself a van, with its spacious trunk, for everyday use. The equipment to remove the slide-out from the van is provided when purchased. This is an easy operation that only takes one person and about 10 minutes.
– the slide-out can complement a bed in a liftable roof. So, if you are travelling with your family with a van, it is now possible to sleep at 4: two people in the liftable roof and two people in the slide-out.
– the slide-out allows you to maintain a living space, even in sleeping mode.
– the quality of the sleeping is better than the majority of vans with a bed with a latte box.
– the price! For “only” 6900 euros, the formula allows you to arrange a classic van as a recreational vehicle. Especially since you can get the slide-out back when you part with your van. If you go back on the same brand, you can very easily install it in the new model. If you change models, some adjustments will probably be needed, but there will be no need to redeem a slide-out.

Different options

In its basic formula, the slide-out costs 6900, including installation. However, it is possible for the Beauer team to install a liftable roof. The price then goes up to 7900 euros. Accessories such as kitchen furniture are also in the catalogue.

For more information or to install the X Van in your van, you can contact Beauer in Cholet:



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