Foldable electric bike, convenient for a holiday in caravan, tent or motorhome

Foldable electric bike - Caravan, tent, campervan

Electric Bikes are fashionable. More and more of them are being seen on campsites. In France alone, no less than 388,000 electric-assisted bicycles were sold in 2019. It is true that for amateurs who consider cycling as a way to wandern and not as a sporting challenge, electric assistance offers many advantages and allows to visit the campsite’s surroundings with less effort. However, there are still some problems when travelling with a small caravan, a small campervan or a simple tent. The first is clutter and weight. It’s not always easy to fit your bike into your vehicle. The solution of the bike rack in the back of the car or the camper remains. Practical in many cases, it does not always offer the necessary security for electric bikes, attractive targets for thieves because of their price.

The folding bike is therefore an interesting alternative. And in this market, the French bike EOVOLT has many advantages.

This 100 % French start-up makes bikes foldable in 10 seconds only and among the lightest on the market: 14 kg! Not bad in an area where it usually gets up to 20 kg or even 25 kg.

Other advantages of this bike include the ease of folding and moving it. It only takes 10 seconds to fold it up and it then moves by pushing it using its “fold and go” position (see photo), convenient when you have reached your destination and you have to maneuver your bike on public transport, for example. Its removable battery, located under the saddle, is also easy to use: you don’t have to move the bike to recharge it. You can just take the battery.

The EOVOLT bike comes in four ranges, City, Retro, City X and Comfort, which range in price from €1,199 to €1,799 depending on the options they offer. The City being the cheapest and the City X the Top of the Range.

More information:

In a few days, we will offer you a test of the Eovolt bike.

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