Touring pitches on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy

Emplacement de camping sur le lac Majeur en Italie Landscape of lake Maggiore with Fishermen Island (Isola dei Pescatori). View from Island Bella. Stresa, Italy

A mixture of alpine and southern landscapes, the lakes of northern Italy offer a timeless charm. Thanks to their particularly mild climate, their shores are covered with an abundance of vegetation. Lake Maggiore, in particular, nestles in a lush setting of exotic vegetation on the border between Italy and Switzerland. On its shores, small towns are dotted with jewels. An idyllic setting for your next camping holiday in Italy.

Our campsites on Lake Maggiore in Italy

Camping in caravan, tent or camper van in front of the Borromean Islands

In the 15th century, a large part of Lake Maggiore was given in fief to the Borromeo family, a wealthy Italian family. The latter gradually bought all the islands of the small archipelago that stretches out in the waters of the lake. It was therefore renamed the Borromeo Islands. It is composed of 5 islands of which only 3 can be visited: Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori. Isola Bella is entirely occupied by the Borromeo Palace, a perfect example of the Lombard baroque style. The palace and its sumptuous gardens, built in the 17th century, still bear witness to the splendour of an era. Isolda Madre is home to one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Italy, covering 8 hectares. Isola dei Pescatori, finally, has retained its fishing village atmosphere despite the influx of tourists during the summer. One of the best views of the Borromean Islands can be had from the Mottarone (1491 metres) which stands on the shores of the lake. On the other side of the lake, the summit of Sasso del Ferro (1062 metres) also offers a wide panorama of the region. It can be reached by cable car from Laveno Mombello.

Stresa, the jewel of Lake Maggiore

Facing the Borromean Islands, the town of Stresa nestles on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy. This charming town has always attracted artists. Stendhal, Chateaubriand, Dumas, Dickens and Lord Byron spent time here. Hemingway even chose to set a large part of the setting of his novel A Farewell to Arms there. Stresa’s popularity peaked in the early 20th century, as evidenced by the Belle Epoque buildings facing the lake. During your camping holiday on Lake Maggiore, walk in the footsteps of these great writers as you stroll through the streets of Stresa.

Verbiana, the largest town on Lake Maggiore

Verbiana is the largest town on Lake Maggiore. Its district of Pallanza is a popular holiday destination. This district of Roman origin extends over a peninsula. It includes hotels, villas and parks as well as an elegant town hall built in the 19th century and supported by 32 arcades. The lakeside promenade offers beautiful views of the Borromean Islands. Not far away, the Intra district is the medieval centre of Verbiana. Its alleys are lively and contain many shops. Every Saturday morning the largest weekly market on Lake Maggiore is held in Piazza del Mercato and Piazza Don Minzoni. The beautiful park of Villa Taranto forms the border between the two districts. This park, which mixes English and Italian styles, is one of the most important botanical gardens in the world. It covers an area of almost 16 hectares and contains some 20,000 species of plants and flowers.

Cannero Riviera

With its terraced houses, hidden among vineyards, orange and olive trees, above the lake, Cannero Riviera has an idyllic setting. It is no wonder that such illustrious figures as Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria decided to stay here. During your visit to the Cannero Riviera, you will discover elegant villas, but above all a picturesque little port that has retained the charm of the past. Take advantage of your stroll in Cannero Riviera to go for a swim in the waters of Lake Maggiore. Nestled in a cove, the beach of Cannero Riviera is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches on Lake Maggiore.

Cannobio, last stop before Switzerland

Cannobio is the last town on the lake before the Swiss border and is very popular with tourists. However, it wasn’t until the 21st century that this resort town had its heyday. The Romans were already staying here and in the Middle Ages a royal court took up residence here. The city has preserved elegant palaces built between the 17th and 19th centuries, stone testimonies of its glorious past. Its promenade with its old fishermen’s houses is one of the most beautiful on Lake Maggiore. The beautiful Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III, in front of the old port, is one of Cannobio’s most popular places to live.

Our selection of campsites on Lake Maggiore

On the shores of Lake Maggiore, or close to the lake, find our selection of campsites for caravan, tent or motorhome in Italy.

28040, Villa Lesa
On the shores of Lake Maggiore
Shady grassy pitches
28831, Feriolo di Baveno
Sandy beach
On the shores of Lake Maggiore
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