The EUROPEAN INNOVATION AWARDS FOR THE CARAVANNING INDUSTRY have been awarded for 10 years by a jury of European journalists from the specialist press (Le monde du Plein Air, Reise Mobil, Freelife, etc.). Fifteen countries are represented on this jury. The prizes are divided into 16 categories ranging from interior design to marketing, exterior design and safety. A blogger award was added to the list in 2018 when bloggers joined the jury. The TAKEOFF folding caravan from the young Dutch company Easy Caravanning won in this category, as well as in the innovative startup category.

This attractively designed caravan was launched at the end of 2019 by three former colleagues of Kip Caravans. They took particular care with its aerodynamic design. The aim of this folding caravan is to reduce the CO2 footprint of the holiday. To produce it, they joined forces with Holtkamper for the caravan and Karsten for the awning. These are two of the most renowned brands in the world of camping in the Netherlands. In the eyes of these partners, this means that quality is an important criterion for the creators of the TakeOff.

The desire to renew the folding caravan sector

The TakeOff has all the advantages of all folding caravans: ease of towing and light weight (unladen weight 550 kg), combined with an attractive surface area once the caravan is unfolded. It can therefore be towed with compact vehicles and even electric cars. What distinguishes it from other folding caravans on the market is its hybrid character. With its semi-rigid walls, this caravan is a compromise between a classic caravan and a folding caravan. Its folding system is very simple, allowing the caravan to be unfolded in less than a minute. A little more if you choose to complete it with an awning. The walls of the TakeOff have large windows for perfect ventilation. These windows can, of course, be covered at night.

Day / night

During the day, the TakeOff offers a lounge area with 2 sofas separated by a table. Its kitchen is removable (TakeOff Sport and Xcite versions). Depending on the weather or your preferences, you can choose to use it inside the caravan or outside. At night, the two sofas turn into a bed with comfortable dimensions: 160 cm x 205 cm.

Three versions

The TakeOff is available in 3 versions, the TakeOff Active (€13,895), the TakeOff Sport (€16,295) and the TakeOff Xcite (€19,595). All three versions are built on the same basis, but the two most expensive versions offer additional options. The TakeOff Xcite comes with the X10T awning, designed in collaboration with Karsten. A tunnel tent can be added to the awning to sleep two children.

At the moment, we have not yet had the opportunity to test this latest generation folding caravan, as the Covid does not make travelling abroad any easier. But like the members of the jury of the European Innovation Awards, we have been seduced by the concept and its design. We won’t fail to go and try it out as soon as possible..

The TakeOff in figures

Length (from the nose): 492 cm (350 cm without nose)
Height: 122 cm (folded) / 252 cm (unfolded) / Inside height: 205 cm (for the highest part)
Width: 185 cm
Empty weight: 550 kg for the TakeOff Active and 590 kg for the TakeOff Xcite.
GVW: 750 kg
Tyres: 175/65R14 or 185/55R15
Bed: 160 cm x 205 cm


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