The organisers of the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon would probably have preferred conditions other than a COVID year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Europe’s largest caravan salon. However, from 28 August to 5 September, this did not prevent some 185,000 visitors from coming to admire the latest innovations in the world of camping, caravan and motorhome. And they did so in full compliance with the sanitary regulations, as they had to show their credentials and up-to-date sanitary pass at the entrance to the show. So we went to Düsseldorf to find out what the caravan and motorhome market had in store for us.

the trendy rooftop tent

Among the new trends, there was a great deal of interest in roof tents, which were much more present than in previous years with, among others, the Germans from CampWerk or the French from iKamper. Used alone on cars or combis, they were also used on fully equipped trailers (kitchen, storage, battery, etc.). No doubt we will see them next year on French and European campsites. We are preparing a dossier on iKamper, so we will have the opportunity to tell you about it again soon. This trend is accompanied by a desire to go camping with “normal” vehicles that can be used on a daily basis. We have thus seen many developers offering vans equipped on the basis of small utility vehicles such as Berlingos for example. Mercedes, in particular, presented its Citan in its camping version at the show.

Some new features at the fair

The Düsseldorf Caravan Salon was the occasion to discover some new and original vehicles. First of all, the Beachy caravan and van from Hobby. If the originality is mainly due to the very light layout and the interior decoration for the van version (successful), the small caravan with a rear door that allows to enjoy the landscape and the fresh air from the bed is very attractive. Perfect for couples. At Hünerkopf, we really liked the “convertible” van on a Mercedes base which allows you to sleep under the stars without giving up the comfort of your bed. It is not certain that this model is the most functional on the market, but it may appeal to a niche audience who, like the author of these lines, love to sleep under the stars when possible. We also discovered a nice 4 season Tear Drop from Iceland, from Mink Campers.

Hippie Chic inspired Renault van

Next to a van with a good 60’s flavour, Renault presented on its stand the “Hippie Caviar Hotel” van (I would like to meet the person in charge of the communication who chose this name!!!). This electric concept van with its pure decoration based on natural materials and pastel colours is very attractive. It offers a roof terrace with two seats and a coffee table. Ideal for enjoying the view when camping by the sea or in the mountains. When the tailgate is opened, the bed at the rear of the vehicle can be extended outwards if desired. The concept van is also designed to be connected with five-star services. For example, guests of the Hippie Caviar Hotel can have a container with a shower delivered to their holiday location. They can also order products online and have them delivered by drone. I don’t think these VIP services will be successful. At least in the short term. However, if Renault markets this van, which is still a concept, it will undoubtedly find an audience.

luxury motorhomes

Although vans and roof tents are attracting a new clientele in search of small vehicles that can also be used in everyday life, the luxury motorhome still has its fans. In the hall dedicated to XXL motorhomes, it was probably the Volkner Performance S that attracted the most attention. Both the motorhome and the car that was associated with it: a Bugatti Veyron that seemed to have been designed to be parked in the boot of the motorhome. Probably one of the most expensive combinations at the show.


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