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Nestled in a green setting on the banks of the river Dourdou, Conques has well earned its place among the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”. This major stop on the road to Santiago de Compostela has everything to seduce you, from its Romanesque architecture to the stained glass windows designed by Pierre Soulages. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover it during your camping holiday in Aveyron.

Touring pitches in Conques in Aveyron

You reach Conques by following the winding road that runs alongside the river Dourdou. The village suddenly reveals itself to you at the bend in the road, clinging to the hillside. It is easy to imagine the admiration of the pilgrims who once followed the road to Santiago de Compostela when they first discovered this magnificent village, all in red stone. Conques has been attracting pilgrims on their way to Spain for a thousand years. Its Romanesque abbey of Sainte-Foy was built between the 11th and 12th centuries. It can be seen at the end of the long pedestrian street that crosses the village from one side to the other. It is at sunset that it takes on its full majesty, when the sun illuminates its western tympanum. This sculpture representing the Last Judgement through 124 characters is one of the masterpieces of Romanesque art. When night falls, from May to October, it is highlighted by a polychromy that reminds us that in the past it was enhanced with bright colours. So enjoy the show during your camping holiday in Conques in the Aveyron.

“Tresor” and stained glass windows by Pierre Soulages in the abbey of Sainte-Foy in Conques

In addition to its sumptuous façade, the Sainte-Foy de Conques Abbey is a treasure trove. It houses 250 chapiteaux spread over two levels and beautiful stained glass windows by the painter Pierre Soulages. The painter was born in Rodez, a few kilometres from Conques, and he admits that his love for art was born when he discovered the abbey. If you want to learn more about the painter during your camping holiday in Conques in the Aveyron, you can also visit the museum dedicated to him in Rodez. After the stained glass windows of Pierre Soulages, you can go and admire the Treasure of Conques. This collection of religious silverware is the most complete in France. Its masterpiece is the reliquary statue of Sainte-Foy which dates from the 9th century.

Stroll through the medieval streets of Conques

If the abbey is the highlight of any visit to Conques, you should not forget the rest of the village. As you wander through a maze of narrow cobbled streets, you will discover the secrets of this small town: timber-framed houses with lauze roofs, bread ovens, fountains, etc. Once fortified, Conques has preserved several defensive elements such as an enclosing tower or the Vinzelle gate. On the heights of the village, the château d’Humières is a very fine example of 15th and 16th century civil architecture.

Medieval bridge over the Dourdou

Leaving the village centre and following the GR65, the route taken by pilgrims to Conques, you will come to the medieval bridge over the Dourdou. This bridge dates from the 14th century. It is composed of 5 arches and is 40 metres long. It was an obligatory passage for pilgrims. On your way you will see the Sainte-Foy chapel. Traditionally, pilgrims ring a bell here and hope for a response from the monks of Conques.

Touring pitches in Aveyron

Une sélection de campings à Conques pour vos vacances en caravane, tente ou camping-car en Aveyron.

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