Discovered on the caravan shows, we were seduced by the TakeOff folding caravan from the Dutch brand Easy Caravanning to which we devoted an article. We weren’t the only ones, by the way, as this easy-to-use folding caravan won the design award at the EUROPEAN INNOVATION AWARDS FOR THE CARAVANNING INDUSTRY. To find out more about this new generation of folding caravans, we went to Emmen in the Netherlands, where the TakeOff and the Holtkamper folding caravans (which we will tell you about shortly) are manufactured.

A new layout for the TakeOff folding caravan

To show us around the factory where the TakeOff folding caravans are produced and to tell us more about them, we met Maarten de Roos, managing director of the Campfire Group, which owns the Easy Caravanning and Holtkamper brands. He talked about the desire to create a hybrid product between the folding caravan and the traditional caravan with the TakeOff: a caravan that is as easy to tow as a folding caravan, but as quick to set up as a traditional caravan. We were also given the opportunity to present the new layout with a semi-fixed bed offered by TakeOff. This new layout was born out of a request from the brand’s first users. You can now choose between the two interior layouts with the semi-fixed bed or the two benches facing each other.

In addition to its attractive character, the TakeOff should appeal to a number of caravanners as it meets a demand of the moment since it can be towed by small vehicles (including a Fiat 500, although we are not certain that it is necessary to tackle the Alpine passes with such a hitch) and electric vehicles. The impact on autonomy is relatively small, between 25% and 30% according to Maarten de Roos.

There is no doubt that this folding caravan, which will start to appear on campsites in France and Europe, will appeal to many with its modern design and ease of use.

The TakeOff is available in 3 versions, the TakeOff Active (from £16,495), the TakeOff Sport (£18,495) and the TakeOff Xcite (£21,895). All three versions are built on the same base, but the two more expensive versions offer additional options. The TakeOff Xcite comes with the X10T awning, designed in collaboration with Karsten. An optional extra on the other two models. Prices for all options are available on the Easy Caravanning website.

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