Bürstner is well known for its motorhomes and caravans and has adapted its product range to the market and to the fashion for vans. In January 2020, Bürstner launched the Campeo, a van based on a Fiat Ducato. This year, the Campeo takes you off the beaten track with its off-road variant, the Campeo 4×4.

This van is the first all-terrain van of the Franco-German brand. According to Marjus Pangerl, product manager at Bürstner, it responds to a “growing demand from customers who want to be able to explore places that are more difficult to access with their vehicle”. He is paving the way for other off-road vehicles since “other settings will be offered in 4×4 versions in the future”. Unlike the Campeo launched last year, the Campeo 4×4 will not be offered on a Fiat chassis but on a Citroën Jumper base. This change of base was necessary to allow the conversion to a 4×4 by the French off-road specialist, Dangel.

Campeo 4×4 with compact dimensions

It is the smallest version of the Campeo range, the C540, which was used as the model for the off-road version. The Campeo 4×4 therefore retains its relatively compact dimensions with a length of 5.41 metres, a width of 2.05 metres and a height of 2.65 metres. The interior layout of the Campeo C540 is identical to that of the Campeo C540: rear cross bed, 4-person living room, kitchen with 2 stoves and a fridge and a small bathroom. Only two beds are available in the standard version of the van. However, the optional pop-up roof can be used to add two extra beds.

Two 4×4 options

As standard, the Campeo 4×4 is equipped with a 140 HP engine, aluminium wheels and the standard Dangel pack. Namely: standard 4×4 with 4×4 viscoupled transmission, electric traction control on all four wheels (coupled with ESP), under-engine and gearbox protection plate, suspension upgrade and selectable 4×4 or 4×2 mode. If you’re an adventurer at heart, the Offroad package further enhances the vehicle’s off-road capabilities. This off-road pack, which costs €5021, includes a rear differential lock, triple-blade suspension, specific BF Goodrich All terrain 16′ tyres, additional fuel tank protection + AdBlue® and wheel arch wideners.

Technical data

Citroen Jumper 140 hp as standard
Length 5.41 m
Width 2.05 m
Height 2.65 m
GVW 3300 kg
4×4 Dangel transmission
ESP Lane Departure Control on all four wheels
16” alloy wheels
Under-engine and gearbox cover plate
Suspension extension
Transmission switch (4×2 or 4×4)
Rate: 53,690 €.
Offroad Pack: 5021€.
Lifting roof: 5032 €.

Available from mid-February from distributors



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