At the Dusseldorf show, we were able to admire for the very first time a surprising wooden motorhome. A novelty that aroused curiosity considering the many visitors on the stand of the brand Holzmobil.

Many brands today have made the environment their axis of communication. Yet, in a world that seems – finally – to care about ecological problems, motorhome manufacturers continue to rely on plastic, in its various and varied forms, to design their vehicles. It is all the more unfortunate that the motorhome is fully associated with the idea of nature. It took a carpenter to enter the world of motorhomes to consider changing that.

A family story

The Offenburger family has been a carpenter from father to son for more than a century in the Black Forest. This knowledge of wood and their passion for camping led Stefan Offenburger and his son Oliver who studied eengineering, to build the motorhome of their dream. Based on a MAN TGE 4×4, they designed the motorhome not made of plastic, but of wood. They quickly realized that this project should also appeal to the general public and so they launched their brand: Holzmobil. At the caravan show in Dusseldorf (September 2020), the Offenburger family presented their first-ever motorhome to the general public. The latter aroused a real curiosity considering the people who were queuing to visit it. They are now preparing to start production of this motorhome. In small quantities at the moment, the manufacturing remains artisanal. According to Oliver, met on the stand during Düsseldorf show, they are able to produce 10 vehicles by spring 2021.

The charm of a wooden trailer with all the modern comforts

The exterior of the motorhome is designed in a wood covered with a transparent layer of varnish for boats and reinforced, on the corners, by aluminum sheet metal plates. Except for the roof. The roof was not varnished but covered with a waterproof fabric. In this way, steam or condensation can escape from the vehicle when rain cannot enter it. If the exterior of the vehicle surprises, it is the interior that stands out the most than what is usually found in motorhomes. Completely treated with organic oils, the interior of this motorhome offers natural wood scents. Made from awning, beech or spruce, it offers an elegant decoration, full of charm. In a way, this motorhome is a true return to the charm of wooden trailers.

With two beds of 2m x 1.4m and 2m x 1.3m, however, the comfort and technology have not been forgotten. Equipped with induction plates and a very spacious shower, the Holzmobil motorhome has been designed in all electric, gas-free. For this, it has solar panels on the roof, lithiom-ion batteries and an inverter in the rear cargo hold. New technologies are not forgotten as compartments are provided to slide a laptop while connecting it to the screens behind the driver and in the master bedroom. In traffic mode, the two side screens behind the driver face the rear seats. Perfect for showing movies for children on the way.

At what price?

At the moment, the Offenburger family announces its model mounted on a MAN TGE 4×4 vehicle at 150,000 euros. A basic version that would be sold a little cheaper is being considered. Similarly, the current model presented at the caravan show in Dusseldorf displays 4.5 t. A vehicle that would not cross the 3.5 t mark. is in the pipeline at Holzmobil. So to follow…





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