The RED DOT DESIGN AWARD is an international design award presented by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. There are several RED DOT museums around the world (Singapore, Taipei and Essen) that present the winners of this award. This year, the Slovenian caravan brand ADRIA was awarded this prestigious award for its new model, the ASTELLA, shown for the first time at the caravan show in Dusseldorf in autumn 2019.

A caravan looking like mobile homes

Well, we promised you a site without mobile-home and this first article on a caravan will deal with a caravan that looks like a… mobile home. Indeed, with its beautiful living space and large panoramic doors, its bathroom with shower or its spacious room, Adria’s new caravan, the Astella, looks like a mobile-home or a tiny house. This caravan has everything from the concept caravan. But no, it’s well for sale. Priced at 53,500 to 60,000 euros depending on the models. The prices are those offered in Germany.

Certainly, with its XXL dimensions of 7.6 m x 2.52 m for its smaller model, the Astella is not really intended for roaming, unless you are a very experienced driver and have a powerful vehicle to tow it. It has been thought for sedentary use, for example, at a residence on a campground. However, its layout shows a new way of thinking about the caravan that will influence the caravans in the coming years. It should be noted, however, that the materials used to give the Astella its high-end character take little account of weight, which is very important for travelling caravans. The Astella displays in GVW of 3000 kg. Pretty heavy, isn’t it ?

A caravan rewarded for its design

It is more for its design that the Astella interests us. It was indeed awarded with the Red Dot Design Award. Among the points highlighted by the jury is the clean line of the Astella caravan and its aerodynamics. Adria seems to have taken particular care in the aerodynamics of this voluminous caravan. The panoramic doors also seduced the jury. Like it or not, we must admit that these window doors give an impression of space to the caravan as well as an opening on the outside. Admittedly, this is an option that will not seem necessary for caravanners who only travel in the summer and live mainly outside. However, this outdoor lounge configuration can be appreciated for stays in early spring or autumn as well as for trips to colder destinations. We can hope to see the idea repeated on other smaller models.


3 models: the 704, the 754 and the 904.
Length: 7.6 metres to 9.6 metres
Width: 2.5 metres
GVW: 3000 kg
Weight: 2500 kg to 2800 kg
Price: from 53,500 to 60,000 euros
Number of beds: 2 to 6 people

Presentation catalogue of the Adria Astella caravan.


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